Your Easy Guide to Book Selling

If you’ve ever thought why not sell books on Amazon, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of budding entrepreneurs weigh out this prospect and consider choosing it because of the flexibility and profits it comes with. But how exactly should you plan your move? What exactly are the steps for selling books on Amazon? Well, these are some of the questions we will address over the following sections.   

Is the book good to sell on Amazon or not? That’s one of the questions you have to ask IO Scout. IO Scout Amazon, provide an article about how to sell books on Amazon and become profitable. Use all IO Scout tips and tricks to grow your Amazon book sales.

4 Major Reasons of Selling Books on Amazon

 We found many reasons why one might consider selling books on Amazon. Here, we will take a closer look at them.    

#1: Quick and Convenient    

Let’s face it: selling books or almost anything on this platform is extremely easy. The merchant account can be created in minutes, and within no time, you'll start making your first sale.    

#2: Rankings   

 The key takeaway of this eCommerce giant is that they assign Best Seller Ranking every time someone buys your product. Note that this rating is assigned even on the sale of a single unit. So, the more someone buys your product, the more visibility it gets. If the book manages to get a rank #1; it will naturally attract more customers, eventually spurring your sales.       

selling books to amazon

#3 In-House Fulfillment    

This is the third reason why one may weigh out the option of selling books on Amazon. Thanks to the fulfillment facilities, selling books on Amazon is even easier. One just needs to source books and add it to the portal. After registering for the facility, the books will be picked from the seller’s convenient destination and kept in the inventory of Amazon. It will be eventually packed and shipped to the customers, every time someone raises a purchase request. The best part: Amazon handles everything including (but not limited to) exchange , return, or refund of the product. This minimizes your hassle and makes it easier to focus on other ventures.   

#4 Timely Payments   

It goes without mention that Amazon never compromises on payments. The funds from all purchases are duly deposited in your bank account. Since this is applicable to ‘pay on delivery’ orders as well, you can be completely worry-free.      

How to sell books on Amazon

As previously mentioned, selling books on Amazon is extremely easy. A seller can make three different types of merchant accounts depending on their needs. Here’s a brief list. 

Managed by Merchant: For this account, sellers should make a listing on this eCommerce portal. Every time a user places an order, the merchant has to get the item packed and shipped themselves. This is an excellent option for individuals with an existing fulfillment network.    

Vendorship:   Here, the merchant’s inventory is linked to Amazon via their in-house vendor central unit . The arrangement works best for enterprise merchants who require frequent and quick unloading of their inventories.    

FBA:    In this arrangement the item listing will be featured on Amazon, and the eCommerce giant handle the storing, packing, and shipping of the respective item. While they’ll levy a nominal fee for this service, as an FBA merchant your products will qualify for Amazon Prime’s quick, one-day delivery. New sellers might especially benefit from this program.   

Choosing the Right Sources for Books

Newbies are probably wondering how to source books. The idea is quite simple. You can easily source popular or best-selling books via online arbitrage. This process involves buying books from leading online marketplaces like eBay,Gumtree or Craigslist. After this, the purchased product will be hiked up in price and listed on Amazon. Since the process can be slightly time-consuming, avoid targeting books that cost lower than $30.  In addition to online arbitrage, one may consider purchasing books from wholeselling units. Alternatively, books can also be scanned and arranged in a paperback or hardbound cover.    

Steps For Being an Amazon Merchant   

If you’re wondering how to sell books on Amazon, here’s are some vital steps.   

Step One   

Since we discussed this in the initial, you’re probably have a basic idea. As you’re selling and marketing books, it is important to get the right books. Purchase affordable books via eBay or get them for wholesalers instead.   

Step Two   

Once you’re done finding the books, start building your inventory. Source at least 150 to 200 books in the beginning. Textbooks and first-edition items are your top choices since these are widely read.   

Step Three   

This part involves getting a proper merchant account. You’ll have options between the Individual or the Professional accounts. While Individual seller accounts come free, one has to make a payment of $1 against every unit they’ve sold. Alternatively, the Professional seller accounts are available at $39.95 every month. Unlike the Individual account, this plan involves any extra charges. If the merchant considers selling at least forty five books on a monthly, the Professional account would be a better choice.   

Step Four  

After choosing a preferred account, get the books listed there. One can opt for auto-scanning or individually add the items by typing the book’s ISBN at Amazon’s search tab. 

Next, click the option for selling a new item. This tweak will also allow you to categorize books according to their condition. As of now, one can list them into five categories as per the e wear and tear.  So, merchants can generate revenues by selling used books on Amazon. The sale, however, will be more if the items are in decent to moderately decent condition.   

Step Five   

After completing the list the books need to be sent to any nearby fulfillment center. Pack them and get them shipped via any leading carrier. This, however, only applies when you’re an FBA Merchant. If you haven’t signed up for the FBA facility, you’ll have to store, manage, pack, and ship the books, every time a user purchases them.  

Step Six  

Since you haven’t written the books, you needn’t get worked up about reviews. You should, however, maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. For instance, send them an email seeking feedback. If you don’t have the time, use an automated email facility like Jungle Scout.  

Step Seven 

 Boost sales by sharing Amazon listings on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are ideal platforms for this job.  

 Bottom line    

That’s it. After the final step, you’re done making sales. The process is simple, hassle-free and practically frictionless. Follow our strategies and get the first sale right away! Given the ease, convenience, and low operational costs, this is an excellent way to start your entrepreneurial career.   


Q. What’s the initial cost?    

A. The overall selling cost will depend on the books. In addition to it’s price, you may need to pay a flat monthly fee or $1 (every time users buy a unit of from the listing). Additionally, one might also has to pay the closing cost of the product and a 15% referral fee.   

 Q. Is there any free facility?    

A. Although one cannot sell your books on Amazon for free, you will have the option to sign up as individual sellers. This way, the instance of payment will only arise when someone purchases a copy of the listed product.    

Q. Can old books be sold?    

A. Yes, you can sell back books to Amazon via their dedicated Textbooks trade facility. This, however, is only applicable to textbooks bought via this eCommerce platform. The overall Amazon sell back books process is simple and convenient.


How to sell on Amazon

Since the advent of the internet, everything is now online and one of the biggest online store to purchase any item is Amazon. According to some stats, there are over 244 million active users on Amazon which makes it one of the best places to sell and earn high profit.

Some people have not considered becoming a seller on Amazon because they think they are not born sellers. That’s not true! Amazon is a place everyone can sell and earn if only you knew some tricks. Most times, people after registering their business on Amazon and they just pick any product for example book from "books niche" without any elaborate product research and start selling books on Amazon IO Scout will help you to understand how to sell books on Amazon. It is not even about what you love selling. It has a lot to do with the selling ability of the book. You need to use IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and FBA Calculator for free to calculate profit and book sales.

In this article, we are going to learn how to sell on Amazon.

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Open an Amazon Account

To become an Amazon seller, you have to create an account. You can either open an individual or professional seller account.

INDIVIDUAL SELLER ACCOUNT - allows you to sell less than 35 items in a month. No fee is charged.

PROFESSIONAL SELLER ACCOUNT- allows you to sell more than 35 items a month at $39.99.

After opening the account, the next thing is to decide how you will manage your orders. There are two options.

  • Fulfilled by Merchant. This means you’ll do all the packing and shipping yourself. This method involves managing your orders yourself. You will have look for your own resources for packing, shipping and delivery. This is great when you have the time and resources at your reach. Not so great when you don’t.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon . This means Amazon will help you do packing and shipping at a price. This method involves using Amazon services to manage your order which includes the packing, shipping and delivery. This is easier but will cost some extra charges

What to sell on Amazon?

The first thing I would say about this is to first check out all the niches on Amazon. This is where you will familiarize yourself with each niche, know the niche with the highest traffic and visits. This will help make a decision on what to sell and what not to sell. After you have decided on that, then you can move on with this article. Most times, many people find it hard to change from one niche to another because that’s what they love to sell.

If your purpose for starting the sales business is to make more cash and earn a living, then you must be ready to follow the trend. There are many products on Amazon that people purchase more. Including those particular products in your listing, will help improve your sales on Amazon. On Amazon, the best way to follow the trend is by locating the best-selling products on Amazon.

The top selling niches on Amazon as at when this article was written includes:

·         Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

·         Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

·         Fujifilm INSTAX Mini

·         PlayStation Store Gift Card

·        ‘ A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership’

Maximize Online Retail Tools

Online Retail tools are tools that assists Amazon sellers gather quality information as regards products on Amazon. The Amazon market is a very big one which consist of millions of users. Therefore, there is a constant need to keep track of what is happening in your niche.

As a result of the competition on Amazon, there is no room for new sellers to make sales or make profit. There are many online tools that can provide you all the necessary information you need to grow your small business on Amazon.

As a seller, there is a need to frequently update your products to suit what customers are buying these days. Instead of wasting lots of hours checking various search engines such as Google and Bing or checking Amazon manually, these tools can help with it in a matter of seconds.

Optimize your product page with keywords

Keywords are groups of words (one or more words) that can help increase your page views on Amazon. Quite a number of people do not know the important of these keywords and that is why they lack the ability to get rank high on Amazon. That’s not the only factor that can help you get high rank on Amazon but it is one of the most important factors.

Optimize your product page on Amazon with the most searched keywords for the products in your listing. Include every keyword naturally in your product descriptions, title and tags. Don’t forget your frequently asked questions.

Amazon makes use of a kind of algorithm like Google, which influences the ranking of products on Amazon. These algorithm works in such a way that it brings out relevant results to the keyword typed into the search engine.


Selling on Amazon has become a hugely dominant and lucrative business in the global market. If you’re looking to sell on Amazon , this book will serve as a guide for you.


Essential Guide to Flawless Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon has millions of wholesalers and retailers from all over the world. Each of the vendors is required to list their products in order to start selling. The way you optimize your Amazon listing is a great determinant of whether you are going to sell in bulk or sell nothing at all. The most disturbing thing is that more than 90 percent of sellers have not set-up their Amazon listing correctly. This article discusses on how you can properly enhance your Amazon listing.

Learn More about Amazon Listing Optimization

It is a fact that nearly 95 percent of Amazon listings are not properly optimized. Talking about proper optimizations means enhancing your product using the right keyword according to the Amazon algorithm. Moreover, it means enhancing your item by using the correct images and copy to attract more buyers to your product page.

amazon optimization service

You should know that even though Amazon Algorithm exists to help you, there are also shoppers you need to appeal to them to purchase your items. You might create a well-optimized Amazon listing, but users do not think it looks amazing hence avoid acquiring them. It is important to use the correct images and descriptions because those are the two elements most sellers go wrong when updating their product listings. When you want to successfully build your Amazon business, ensure that you have a Great Item, properly enhanced Amazon listing and be ranked among the top vendors on the list.

How to Optimize Amazon listing?

Numerous factors play a role when it comes to Amazon listing optimization. They include:

  • Keywords

For any business done online, keywords are vital. If you have a mission to excel as a vendor on amazon with the optimized listing, you must use the right keywords. The main function of the keywords is to assist shoppers in discovering the items you sell. The right keywords for your item are the precise phrase, a possible buyer type when searching for the item.

The positive thing about the Amazon system is the way it has been programmed, it allows you to insert several keywords, and it would not swell up your item descriptions and titles with pointless phrases. You have the option of categorizing the keywords into hidden or primary keywords. The primary ones are the ones that you consider to be very vital, and they should appear dominantly on your item features, title and description.  The hidden ones are the keywords that you will insert at Amazon backend and shoppers would not see them but Amazon would rank them for your item.

  • Content

The keywords you use to play their role after you fill details regarding the items you are selling. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the detail page of your product is correctly linked with the keywords.

  •   Product Title

For proper Amazon Listing Optimization, the title you use is the most important aspect that you need to ensure it is always perfect. For the Item title to attract more buyers and sales, you have to incorporate it with numerous keywords so that when shoppers search for the item, your product title gets displayed.

  • Product Features

On your listing, the items bullet points describe the main features regarding your products. To make it easier for buyers to get a clear picture of your product, you will likely place the most significant features in bullet points. Most buyers read only the title and the key features. Ensure that the item features you put in bullet points contain all the major information that buyers would want to know.

  • Product Description

It is the section that you have the space to expand information regarding your product’s benefits, features, and characteristics that make them unique. The product feature section mostly has the larger chunk of meat but you can use the product description section to brag about the item you are selling in a creative way and properly optimize it with the primary keywords. 

You can decide to check how other competitors have described their items; hence structure a more enhanced way you can describe your product to make them look unique and better. Moreover, you can check the competitors’ reviews and check what most buyers complain about and address them on your product description section to show that your item is superior and more advanced. 

  • Product Image

It is vital to use a professional picture with high definition. Seek an experienced camera person to take pictures of your items and upload them on Your Amazon page. Of course, buyers will get attracted to something that looks good.


You can have Flawless Amazon Listing Optimization if you properly follow all the tips discussed in this article. It is important for both seasonal, new, and even experienced sellers.



Amazon Sales Rank: Essential Tips for Top Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sales Rank: Essential Tips for Top Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sales Rank

It is no news that Amazon is one of the leading online markets in the world with thousands of sellers and millions of products, and breaking into the market can be a tough cookie to crumble. As a seller, thriving in the market and earning more money is always a major concern. To know where your products are ranked against other products in the same category is one of these concerns. This is where the Amazon sales rank comes in.

What Does Amazon Sales Rank Mean?

The Amazon sales rank is one of the data metrics used in research on the Amazon store which helps to determine the popularity of a product within a particular category. The Amazon sales rank is a number ranging from 1 to over a million, and it is available for each product on the online store. Typically, the lower the rank number the higher the sales. Also, the higher the rank number, the lower the sales.

Still confused? Here’s an example: If you sell cameras which belong in the electronics category, your camera products will be ranked against other camera products in that category. This gives both the seller and buyer what products are trending and those that are not. Always remember, as a seller you need to strive constantly to have a low sales rank, in this scenario, less is definitely more.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) - Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)

Don’t get confused if you see BSR, it’s the same thing as the Amazon sales rank. To-may-to and To-mah-to, they are one and the same.

How to Calculate Amazon Sales Rank

The ASR is calculated based on the recent sales of a product and historical data of that product compared to similar products in the same category. This means that products having single or double-digit rankings have had more sales in recent times than any other products of the same category.

If you’re a seller on Amazon wanting to stay ahead of the game, you’re probably wondering what the key factors that grow your Amazon sales rank are. Saddle up! We’re about to take a gallop through those keys.

Key Factors that Can Help Grow Sales Ranks

·      Pricing

·      Clear product description

·      High definition images

·      Optimum Product Title

·      Quality of Product

·      Availability of Product

·      Reviews

Top Three Tools to Detect Sales And Sales Rank

Here are our top 3 tools for optimum detection of sales and sales rank, they are;


Amazon Sales Rank

With a database of over 200 million Amazon products, IO Scout has a product tracker that extracts accurate data to keep track of your product and also gives the user access to the history of every product which helps the user identify what’s trending and what is not. Basically, the IO Scout tool walks you through the process of how to find Amazon Sales Ranked products. The program also has an Amazon Sales Rank calculator which helps you add value to your product, meaning the products will be purchased as quickly as possible.


what does amazon sales rank mean

Jungle Scout is arguably the most popular and convenient research tool in the market. With a very large database, it helps you find multiple products with high demands with its Amazon Sales Rank tracker. It helps you identify and mine profitable niche ideas, products and keywords which can enable users to create a niche with low competition and high demand. With a very high product sales estimator, Jungle Scout still remains one of the favorite tools in the market.


what is a good amazon sales rank

Algopix is one of the most useful and easy tools for product market research. With its advanced algorithms, it helps users make better decisions when they source for products to buy by providing well analyzed insights as to whether to buy or sell a product or not. It enables users know who their competitors are in the market place, and hosts a sales estimator that allows the user know the quantity of products sold each month. Algopix also specifies how much sales are being generated from product sales.


Obviously, to top the Amazon Sales Rank chart, you must be selling, consistently. But just selling alone isn’t enough when there are so many competitors. It is up to you to bring your A-game to the field. Here are a few tips;

·      Sell products which are of good quality

·      Do a few giveaways

·      Sell at a competitive price

·      Garner positive reviews

·      Use Google Trends to find out what what’s hot

·      Answer Frequently Asked Questions by customers


Always make it your goal to have a low sales rank on Amazon. This way, even if you have a bad sales day that may knock your sales rank a bit higher, strive hard to bounce back as soon as possible. Sales Rank on Amazon is the most important when it comes to boosting your eCommerce business venture.


What Is a Good Amazon Sales Rank?

Typically, a good sales rank is between 1-3. However, note that sales ranks are category specific. Hypothetically, your biggest competitor might have a sales rank of 1000 and since this is the one ranking in most of the sales periodically, your goal will be to strive to get that ranking or slightly higher.

Finding Product Rank On Amazon

The sales ranking of a product can be found at the bottom of the page. There is a block called product details where all the details of all products are listed. The Amazon Sales Rank can be found at the bottom of this list.



Jungle Scout Review

With the high competition in Amazon’s online marketplace, life as an Amazon FBA seller may be a tough job. The good news is that there are numerous tools to help you raise sales rates into something amazing.

One such tool is jungle scout. This web tool will boost your sales through useful features like product trackers, sales estimators, among many others. 

After you’re through with this review, all the detail about what jungle scout can offer you and how you can best use it are things you’ll have.

IO Scout is a great alternatives to Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Sellics, AMZ Scout and other tools for Amazon sellers. IO Scout provide an excellent comparison IO Scout vs. Helium 10 https://ioscout.io/blog/helium-10-alternative find you perfect Amazon seller software and become an Amazon ninja!

jungle scout web app

Why Should You Buy Jungle Scout?

Amazon jungle scout helps you make the best decision on which items will sell best for you by identifying what items are currently selling. 

It will also get you relevant product keywords through the jungle scout estimator, including items sales estimates. With this tool, keeping a natural eye on the competition becomes a breeze.

It is available on the net as a web app and a chrome extension .

Jungle Scout Pricing

No review is ever complete without letting you know the prices involved, so let’s talk money!

With $39, you’ll be granted complete access to jungle scout extension for one month, but you can also pay $228 per year as a subscription.

 The web app is a bit pricy at $468 a year and $49 per month subscription. The bad news is that with jungle scout, there are no free trials.

The good news is that you can get a combination of the tool’s pro extension and web app with a 14-day refund for just $69 monthly.

Jungle Scout Web App Features

A lot of what this web app can do for you is worth salivating over. Among many are features like item tracking, keyword scouting, academy sandbox, sales analysis, and more. We’ll discuss a few of them below.

Product Tracker

The item tracker will evaluate your item and aid you in finding the things that perfectly fit your sale plans by showing in detail your item’s history. 

Statistics like the item’s price, on average, ranking bestsellers, number of sales, and item ratings, the feature tells all about your item. 

Supplier Database

Here, you will find all the information you need for manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors on any item of choice.

Product Database

An item database where vital information like profit calculator, product ranking, and more about millions of Amazon items are shown.

Keyword Scout

Identifying all the essential keywords by everyday customers on the marketplace and displaying it, this feature gives everything you need to make a sale on your item. Should you apply these keywords to your items, without a doubt, your item will rank up immediately.

Jungle Scout Launch

Significant amounts of the stress involved in e-commerce and online marketing will be avoided, and you can launch your item directly and simultaneously promote it.

Jungle Scout Academy

Here, you can gain knowledge on everything inclusive to becoming a success story in e-commerce through informational videos and other materials.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

It is available for chrome users and is a lot different from the web app. It shows stats like monthly sales estimate, no of reviews, revenue, product price, and your overall ranking, as an advantage with its item tracking function. The tool’s chrome extension is significantly more intuitive than the web app and also easier to reach.

Chrome Extension Lite

Where Jungle Scout chrome lite is significantly cheaper, chrome pro has some features you won’t find in scout’s chrome lite. The tool fails at calculating your opportunity score and profit, while also lacking in some crucial stats.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension vs. Web App

Both these two forms will display sales estimates, item history, with other product research abilities. But where the web app includes better-advanced product research ability, the extension loads on just one click.


Is there a jungle scout app?

Jungle Scout is available only as a web app and chrome extension, lacking a desktop or mobile app.

Is there any free trial of Jungle Scout?

There is no free trial on Jungle Scout, but there is a 14 days refund.


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