Your Easy Guide to Book Selling

If you’ve ever thought why not sell books on Amazon, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of budding entrepreneurs weigh out this prospect and consider choosing it because of the flexibility and profits it comes with. But how exactly should you plan your move? What exactly are the steps for selling books on Amazon? Well, these are some of the questions we will address over the following sections.   

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4 Major Reasons of Selling Books on Amazon

 We found many reasons why one might consider selling books on Amazon. Here, we will take a closer look at them.    

#1: Quick and Convenient    

Let’s face it: selling books or almost anything on this platform is extremely easy. The merchant account can be created in minutes, and within no time, you'll start making your first sale.    

#2: Rankings   

 The key takeaway of this eCommerce giant is that they assign Best Seller Ranking every time someone buys your product. Note that this rating is assigned even on the sale of a single unit. So, the more someone buys your product, the more visibility it gets. If the book manages to get a rank #1; it will naturally attract more customers, eventually spurring your sales.       

selling books to amazon

#3 In-House Fulfillment    

This is the third reason why one may weigh out the option of selling books on Amazon. Thanks to the fulfillment facilities, selling books on Amazon is even easier. One just needs to source books and add it to the portal. After registering for the facility, the books will be picked from the seller’s convenient destination and kept in the inventory of Amazon. It will be eventually packed and shipped to the customers, every time someone raises a purchase request. The best part: Amazon handles everything including (but not limited to) exchange , return, or refund of the product. This minimizes your hassle and makes it easier to focus on other ventures.   

#4 Timely Payments   

It goes without mention that Amazon never compromises on payments. The funds from all purchases are duly deposited in your bank account. Since this is applicable to ‘pay on delivery’ orders as well, you can be completely worry-free.      

How to sell books on Amazon

As previously mentioned, selling books on Amazon is extremely easy. A seller can make three different types of merchant accounts depending on their needs. Here’s a brief list. 

Managed by Merchant: For this account, sellers should make a listing on this eCommerce portal. Every time a user places an order, the merchant has to get the item packed and shipped themselves. This is an excellent option for individuals with an existing fulfillment network.    

Vendorship:   Here, the merchant’s inventory is linked to Amazon via their in-house vendor central unit . The arrangement works best for enterprise merchants who require frequent and quick unloading of their inventories.    

FBA:    In this arrangement the item listing will be featured on Amazon, and the eCommerce giant handle the storing, packing, and shipping of the respective item. While they’ll levy a nominal fee for this service, as an FBA merchant your products will qualify for Amazon Prime’s quick, one-day delivery. New sellers might especially benefit from this program.   

Choosing the Right Sources for Books

Newbies are probably wondering how to source books. The idea is quite simple. You can easily source popular or best-selling books via online arbitrage. This process involves buying books from leading online marketplaces like eBay,Gumtree or Craigslist. After this, the purchased product will be hiked up in price and listed on Amazon. Since the process can be slightly time-consuming, avoid targeting books that cost lower than $30.  In addition to online arbitrage, one may consider purchasing books from wholeselling units. Alternatively, books can also be scanned and arranged in a paperback or hardbound cover.    

Steps For Being an Amazon Merchant   

If you’re wondering how to sell books on Amazon, here’s are some vital steps.   

Step One   

Since we discussed this in the initial, you’re probably have a basic idea. As you’re selling and marketing books, it is important to get the right books. Purchase affordable books via eBay or get them for wholesalers instead.   

Step Two   

Once you’re done finding the books, start building your inventory. Source at least 150 to 200 books in the beginning. Textbooks and first-edition items are your top choices since these are widely read.   

Step Three   

This part involves getting a proper merchant account. You’ll have options between the Individual or the Professional accounts. While Individual seller accounts come free, one has to make a payment of $1 against every unit they’ve sold. Alternatively, the Professional seller accounts are available at $39.95 every month. Unlike the Individual account, this plan involves any extra charges. If the merchant considers selling at least forty five books on a monthly, the Professional account would be a better choice.   

Step Four  

After choosing a preferred account, get the books listed there. One can opt for auto-scanning or individually add the items by typing the book’s ISBN at Amazon’s search tab. 

Next, click the option for selling a new item. This tweak will also allow you to categorize books according to their condition. As of now, one can list them into five categories as per the e wear and tear.  So, merchants can generate revenues by selling used books on Amazon. The sale, however, will be more if the items are in decent to moderately decent condition.   

Step Five   

After completing the list the books need to be sent to any nearby fulfillment center. Pack them and get them shipped via any leading carrier. This, however, only applies when you’re an FBA Merchant. If you haven’t signed up for the FBA facility, you’ll have to store, manage, pack, and ship the books, every time a user purchases them.  

Step Six  

Since you haven’t written the books, you needn’t get worked up about reviews. You should, however, maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. For instance, send them an email seeking feedback. If you don’t have the time, use an automated email facility like Jungle Scout.  

Step Seven 

 Boost sales by sharing Amazon listings on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are ideal platforms for this job.  

 Bottom line    

That’s it. After the final step, you’re done making sales. The process is simple, hassle-free and practically frictionless. Follow our strategies and get the first sale right away! Given the ease, convenience, and low operational costs, this is an excellent way to start your entrepreneurial career.   


Q. What’s the initial cost?    

A. The overall selling cost will depend on the books. In addition to it’s price, you may need to pay a flat monthly fee or $1 (every time users buy a unit of from the listing). Additionally, one might also has to pay the closing cost of the product and a 15% referral fee.   

 Q. Is there any free facility?    

A. Although one cannot sell your books on Amazon for free, you will have the option to sign up as individual sellers. This way, the instance of payment will only arise when someone purchases a copy of the listed product.    

Q. Can old books be sold?    

A. Yes, you can sell back books to Amazon via their dedicated Textbooks trade facility. This, however, is only applicable to textbooks bought via this eCommerce platform. The overall Amazon sell back books process is simple and convenient.


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