How to sell on Amazon

posted on 21/Wednesday/10/2020

Since the advent of the internet, everything is now online and one of the biggest online store to purchase any item is Amazon. According to some stats, there are over 244 million active users on Amazon which makes it one of the best places to sell and earn high profit.

Some people have not considered becoming a seller on Amazon because they think they are not born sellers. That’s not true! Amazon is a place everyone can sell and earn if only you knew some tricks. Most times, people after registering their business on Amazon and they just pick any product for example book from "books niche" without any elaborate product research and start selling books on Amazon IO Scout will help you to understand how to sell books on Amazon. It is not even about what you love selling. It has a lot to do with the selling ability of the book. You need to use IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and FBA Calculator for free to calculate profit and book sales.

In this article, we are going to learn how to sell on Amazon.

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Open an Amazon Account

To become an Amazon seller, you have to create an account. You can either open an individual or professional seller account.

INDIVIDUAL SELLER ACCOUNT - allows you to sell less than 35 items in a month. No fee is charged.

PROFESSIONAL SELLER ACCOUNT- allows you to sell more than 35 items a month at $39.99.

After opening the account, the next thing is to decide how you will manage your orders. There are two options.

  • Fulfilled by Merchant. This means you’ll do all the packing and shipping yourself. This method involves managing your orders yourself. You will have look for your own resources for packing, shipping and delivery. This is great when you have the time and resources at your reach. Not so great when you don’t.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon . This means Amazon will help you do packing and shipping at a price. This method involves using Amazon services to manage your order which includes the packing, shipping and delivery. This is easier but will cost some extra charges

What to sell on Amazon?

The first thing I would say about this is to first check out all the niches on Amazon. This is where you will familiarize yourself with each niche, know the niche with the highest traffic and visits. This will help make a decision on what to sell and what not to sell. After you have decided on that, then you can move on with this article. Most times, many people find it hard to change from one niche to another because that’s what they love to sell.

If your purpose for starting the sales business is to make more cash and earn a living, then you must be ready to follow the trend. There are many products on Amazon that people purchase more. Including those particular products in your listing, will help improve your sales on Amazon. On Amazon, the best way to follow the trend is by locating the best-selling products on Amazon.

The top selling niches on Amazon as at when this article was written includes:

·         Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

·         Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

·         Fujifilm INSTAX Mini

·         PlayStation Store Gift Card

·        ‘ A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership’

Maximize Online Retail Tools

Online Retail tools are tools that assists Amazon sellers gather quality information as regards products on Amazon. The Amazon market is a very big one which consist of millions of users. Therefore, there is a constant need to keep track of what is happening in your niche.

As a result of the competition on Amazon, there is no room for new sellers to make sales or make profit. There are many online tools that can provide you all the necessary information you need to grow your small business on Amazon.

As a seller, there is a need to frequently update your products to suit what customers are buying these days. Instead of wasting lots of hours checking various search engines such as Google and Bing or checking Amazon manually, these tools can help with it in a matter of seconds.

Optimize your product page with keywords

Keywords are groups of words (one or more words) that can help increase your page views on Amazon. Quite a number of people do not know the important of these keywords and that is why they lack the ability to get rank high on Amazon. That’s not the only factor that can help you get high rank on Amazon but it is one of the most important factors.

Optimize your product page on Amazon with the most searched keywords for the products in your listing. Include every keyword naturally in your product descriptions, title and tags. Don’t forget your frequently asked questions.

Amazon makes use of a kind of algorithm like Google, which influences the ranking of products on Amazon. These algorithm works in such a way that it brings out relevant results to the keyword typed into the search engine.


Selling on Amazon has become a hugely dominant and lucrative business in the global market. If you’re looking to sell on Amazon , this book will serve as a guide for you.

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