Jungle Scout Review

With the high competition in Amazon’s online marketplace, life as an Amazon FBA seller may be a tough job. The good news is that there are numerous tools to help you raise sales rates into something amazing.

One such tool is jungle scout. This web tool will boost your sales through useful features like product trackers, sales estimators, among many others. 

After you’re through with this review, all the detail about what jungle scout can offer you and how you can best use it are things you’ll have.

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jungle scout web app

Why Should You Buy Jungle Scout?

Amazon jungle scout helps you make the best decision on which items will sell best for you by identifying what items are currently selling. 

It will also get you relevant product keywords through the jungle scout estimator, including items sales estimates. With this tool, keeping a natural eye on the competition becomes a breeze.

It is available on the net as a web app and a chrome extension .

Jungle Scout Pricing

No review is ever complete without letting you know the prices involved, so let’s talk money!

With $39, you’ll be granted complete access to jungle scout extension for one month, but you can also pay $228 per year as a subscription.

 The web app is a bit pricy at $468 a year and $49 per month subscription. The bad news is that with jungle scout, there are no free trials.

The good news is that you can get a combination of the tool’s pro extension and web app with a 14-day refund for just $69 monthly.

Jungle Scout Web App Features

A lot of what this web app can do for you is worth salivating over. Among many are features like item tracking, keyword scouting, academy sandbox, sales analysis, and more. We’ll discuss a few of them below.

Product Tracker

The item tracker will evaluate your item and aid you in finding the things that perfectly fit your sale plans by showing in detail your item’s history. 

Statistics like the item’s price, on average, ranking bestsellers, number of sales, and item ratings, the feature tells all about your item. 

Supplier Database

Here, you will find all the information you need for manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors on any item of choice.

Product Database

An item database where vital information like profit calculator, product ranking, and more about millions of Amazon items are shown.

Keyword Scout

Identifying all the essential keywords by everyday customers on the marketplace and displaying it, this feature gives everything you need to make a sale on your item. Should you apply these keywords to your items, without a doubt, your item will rank up immediately.

Jungle Scout Launch

Significant amounts of the stress involved in e-commerce and online marketing will be avoided, and you can launch your item directly and simultaneously promote it.

Jungle Scout Academy

Here, you can gain knowledge on everything inclusive to becoming a success story in e-commerce through informational videos and other materials.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

It is available for chrome users and is a lot different from the web app. It shows stats like monthly sales estimate, no of reviews, revenue, product price, and your overall ranking, as an advantage with its item tracking function. The tool’s chrome extension is significantly more intuitive than the web app and also easier to reach.

Chrome Extension Lite

Where Jungle Scout chrome lite is significantly cheaper, chrome pro has some features you won’t find in scout’s chrome lite. The tool fails at calculating your opportunity score and profit, while also lacking in some crucial stats.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension vs. Web App

Both these two forms will display sales estimates, item history, with other product research abilities. But where the web app includes better-advanced product research ability, the extension loads on just one click.


Is there a jungle scout app?

Jungle Scout is available only as a web app and chrome extension, lacking a desktop or mobile app.

Is there any free trial of Jungle Scout?

There is no free trial on Jungle Scout, but there is a 14 days refund.


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