Amazon Sales Rank: Essential Tips for Top Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sales Rank: Essential Tips for Top Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sales Rank

It is no news that Amazon is one of the leading online markets in the world with thousands of sellers and millions of products, and breaking into the market can be a tough cookie to crumble. As a seller, thriving in the market and earning more money is always a major concern. To know where your products are ranked against other products in the same category is one of these concerns. This is where the Amazon sales rank comes in.

What Does Amazon Sales Rank Mean?

The Amazon sales rank is one of the data metrics used in research on the Amazon store which helps to determine the popularity of a product within a particular category. The Amazon sales rank is a number ranging from 1 to over a million, and it is available for each product on the online store. Typically, the lower the rank number the higher the sales. Also, the higher the rank number, the lower the sales.

Still confused? Here’s an example: If you sell cameras which belong in the electronics category, your camera products will be ranked against other camera products in that category. This gives both the seller and buyer what products are trending and those that are not. Always remember, as a seller you need to strive constantly to have a low sales rank, in this scenario, less is definitely more.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) - Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)

Don’t get confused if you see BSR, it’s the same thing as the Amazon sales rank. To-may-to and To-mah-to, they are one and the same.

How to Calculate Amazon Sales Rank

The ASR is calculated based on the recent sales of a product and historical data of that product compared to similar products in the same category. This means that products having single or double-digit rankings have had more sales in recent times than any other products of the same category.

If you’re a seller on Amazon wanting to stay ahead of the game, you’re probably wondering what the key factors that grow your Amazon sales rank are. Saddle up! We’re about to take a gallop through those keys.

Key Factors that Can Help Grow Sales Ranks

·      Pricing

·      Clear product description

·      High definition images

·      Optimum Product Title

·      Quality of Product

·      Availability of Product

·      Reviews

Top Three Tools to Detect Sales And Sales Rank

Here are our top 3 tools for optimum detection of sales and sales rank, they are;


Amazon Sales Rank

With a database of over 200 million Amazon products, IO Scout has a product tracker that extracts accurate data to keep track of your product and also gives the user access to the history of every product which helps the user identify what’s trending and what is not. Basically, the IO Scout tool walks you through the process of how to find Amazon Sales Ranked products. The program also has an Amazon Sales Rank calculator which helps you add value to your product, meaning the products will be purchased as quickly as possible.


what does amazon sales rank mean

Jungle Scout is arguably the most popular and convenient research tool in the market. With a very large database, it helps you find multiple products with high demands with its Amazon Sales Rank tracker. It helps you identify and mine profitable niche ideas, products and keywords which can enable users to create a niche with low competition and high demand. With a very high product sales estimator, Jungle Scout still remains one of the favorite tools in the market.


what is a good amazon sales rank

Algopix is one of the most useful and easy tools for product market research. With its advanced algorithms, it helps users make better decisions when they source for products to buy by providing well analyzed insights as to whether to buy or sell a product or not. It enables users know who their competitors are in the market place, and hosts a sales estimator that allows the user know the quantity of products sold each month. Algopix also specifies how much sales are being generated from product sales.


Obviously, to top the Amazon Sales Rank chart, you must be selling, consistently. But just selling alone isn’t enough when there are so many competitors. It is up to you to bring your A-game to the field. Here are a few tips;

·      Sell products which are of good quality

·      Do a few giveaways

·      Sell at a competitive price

·      Garner positive reviews

·      Use Google Trends to find out what what’s hot

·      Answer Frequently Asked Questions by customers


Always make it your goal to have a low sales rank on Amazon. This way, even if you have a bad sales day that may knock your sales rank a bit higher, strive hard to bounce back as soon as possible. Sales Rank on Amazon is the most important when it comes to boosting your eCommerce business venture.


What Is a Good Amazon Sales Rank?

Typically, a good sales rank is between 1-3. However, note that sales ranks are category specific. Hypothetically, your biggest competitor might have a sales rank of 1000 and since this is the one ranking in most of the sales periodically, your goal will be to strive to get that ranking or slightly higher.

Finding Product Rank On Amazon

The sales ranking of a product can be found at the bottom of the page. There is a block called product details where all the details of all products are listed. The Amazon Sales Rank can be found at the bottom of this list.



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