Essential Guide to Flawless Amazon Listing Optimization

posted on 1/Sunday/03/2020

Amazon has millions of wholesalers and retailers from all over the world. Each of the vendors is required to list their products in order to start selling. The way you optimize your Amazon listing is a great determinant of whether you are going to sell in bulk or sell nothing at all. The most disturbing thing is that more than 90 percent of sellers have not set-up their Amazon listing correctly. This article discusses on how you can properly enhance your Amazon listing.

Learn More about Amazon Listing Optimization

It is a fact that nearly 95 percent of Amazon listings are not properly optimized. Talking about proper optimizations means enhancing your product using the right keyword according to the Amazon algorithm. Moreover, it means enhancing your item by using the correct images and copy to attract more buyers to your product page.

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You should know that even though Amazon Algorithm exists to help you, there are also shoppers you need to appeal to them to purchase your items. You might create a well-optimized Amazon listing, but users do not think it looks amazing hence avoid acquiring them. It is important to use the correct images and descriptions because those are the two elements most sellers go wrong when updating their product listings. When you want to successfully build your Amazon business, ensure that you have a Great Item, properly enhanced Amazon listing and be ranked among the top vendors on the list.

How to Optimize Amazon listing?

Numerous factors play a role when it comes to Amazon listing optimization. They include:

  • Keywords

For any business done online, keywords are vital. If you have a mission to excel as a vendor on amazon with the optimized listing, you must use the right keywords. The main function of the keywords is to assist shoppers in discovering the items you sell. The right keywords for your item are the precise phrase, a possible buyer type when searching for the item.

The positive thing about the Amazon system is the way it has been programmed, it allows you to insert several keywords, and it would not swell up your item descriptions and titles with pointless phrases. You have the option of categorizing the keywords into hidden or primary keywords. The primary ones are the ones that you consider to be very vital, and they should appear dominantly on your item features, title and description.  The hidden ones are the keywords that you will insert at Amazon backend and shoppers would not see them but Amazon would rank them for your item.

  • Content

The keywords you use to play their role after you fill details regarding the items you are selling. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the detail page of your product is correctly linked with the keywords.

  •   Product Title

For proper Amazon Listing Optimization, the title you use is the most important aspect that you need to ensure it is always perfect. For the Item title to attract more buyers and sales, you have to incorporate it with numerous keywords so that when shoppers search for the item, your product title gets displayed.

  • Product Features

On your listing, the items bullet points describe the main features regarding your products. To make it easier for buyers to get a clear picture of your product, you will likely place the most significant features in bullet points. Most buyers read only the title and the key features. Ensure that the item features you put in bullet points contain all the major information that buyers would want to know.

  • Product Description

It is the section that you have the space to expand information regarding your product’s benefits, features, and characteristics that make them unique. The product feature section mostly has the larger chunk of meat but you can use the product description section to brag about the item you are selling in a creative way and properly optimize it with the primary keywords. 

You can decide to check how other competitors have described their items; hence structure a more enhanced way you can describe your product to make them look unique and better. Moreover, you can check the competitors’ reviews and check what most buyers complain about and address them on your product description section to show that your item is superior and more advanced. 

  • Product Image

It is vital to use a professional picture with high definition. Seek an experienced camera person to take pictures of your items and upload them on Your Amazon page. Of course, buyers will get attracted to something that looks good.


You can have Flawless Amazon Listing Optimization if you properly follow all the tips discussed in this article. It is important for both seasonal, new, and even experienced sellers.


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